Beef antrecotte

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6 ingr.

30 min.


Beef antrecotte

Prepare the Kamado BONO grill for direct cooking, ignite the charcoal with a tanner, place the cast iron grill and wait until the temperature rises to 200 degrees.
Close the upper and lower air dampers to keep the temperature even.
Heat a slice of oil in a pan and fry the garlic.
Season the meat with salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic, and toast the entrecote briefly on all sides.
When the meat acquires a beautiful color on the outside, it is time to take care of its delicacy on the inside, so put on the deflector, and cook in indirect heat, with a thermometer, until the internal temperature reaches 50 ° C.
When the beef is finished roasting, wrap it in foil and hold for about 5-8 minutes to make it juicier.
We recommend serving caramelized beets nearby.


matured beef entrecote
salt and pepper
chopped rosemary
olive oil
two cloves of garlic