Lamb shoulder

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Lamb shoulder

We lamb / cut the lamb on all sides with a knife.
The first piece is marinated in a bag with 0.5L ayran. The second piece is marinated in a bag with 0.5L of pomegranate juice. Leave to marinate for 2-2.5 hours at room temperature. We turn the bags over every half hour.
While the meat is marinating, prepare a mixture of spices: add fresh coriander and fresh basil leaves to the blender. We "sublend" to a solid mass.
We add cumin seeds, season with pepper. Cut the chili pepper and, if you don’t like it very sharply, remove the seeds, dip in a blender and grind.
Pour salt, chili powder, garlic cloves with a little oil. We "sublender" everything into a single mass.
Remove from the bowl, toss in the rosemary twigs. Stir. We are tasting. If necessary, season with salt and pepper. Leave to stand at room temperature until the meat is marinated. After the meat has been minced, we remove the rosemary twigs from the spice mixture. We delete the meat from all sides. Leave to marinate.
Prepare the Kamado BONO grill for indirect cooking, ignite the charcoal with a tanner, place on the stainless steel grill and wait until the temperature rises to 160 degrees. Close the upper and lower air dampers to keep the temperature even.
Bake until the inside reaches 71C, then wrap in foil and leave warm for about 10-15 minutes. The temperature is easy to measure using a two-probe digital thermometer.
We baked for about 1 hour. in indirect heat at about 160C.


2 pcs. Lamb shoulder blades

1 option 0.5L Pomegranate juice
2 option 0.5L ayran

Spice mix:
A couple of handfuls of fresh coriander
10-12 leaves of fresh basil
8 pieces of garlic cloves
0.5 teaspoon of cumin seeds
1 pc. small chili pepper
1 tbsp salt
0.5 tbsp freshly ground pepper
1 tbsp paprika powder
Olive oil
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary