Beef neck shashlik

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12 ingr.

30 min.


Beef neck shashlik

Cut the neck in equal parts. Chop the parsley and onion, grind the nuts. Mix everything with the meat, add pomegranate juice and syrup. Marinate the meat for 24 hours.
Prepare the Kamado BONO grill for direct cooking, light the charcoal with a tanner, place on the stainless steel grill and wait until the temperature rises to 200 degrees. Close the upper and lower air dampers to keep the temperature even.
Beat the meat on a skewer and cook for 20-30 minutes. in direct heat, inverting on all sides. Grease the taco scones with olive oil, sprinkle with spices and reheat.
Eat beef neck shashlik with boiled rice, scones and chopped onion leaves.


1 kg. beef neck
1 pc. red onion
200 ml. pomegranate juice
200 ml. pomegranate syrup molasses
Bunch of parsley
Onion leaves
Taco scones
Olive oil